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Puebla Stack

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All Weather Bangle® Size Chart

To make sure you choose the right bangle sizing for you, refer to this bangle size chart:


Circumference of Knuckles


7 inches / 17.8 CM


7.5 inches / 19.1 CM


8 inches / 20.3 CM

Extra Large

8.5 inches / 21.6 CM


Many jewelry lovers who don’t know how to measure a bangle bracelet properly will make the mistake of only measuring the circumference of their wrists. It’s true that All Weather Bangles are meant to be worn on your wrist, just like all other bracelets. However, it’s actually more important to measure the circumference of your knuckles when choosing your BuDhaGirl bangle size.

In order to slide your bangle onto your wrist, it will have to comfortably pass over your knuckles. And if you focus on your wrist size when ordering your bangle, it won’t have that classic yet elegant fit that our clients love. That’s why your knuckles are more important for bangle measurement than your wrist.

Ready to learn how to measure bangle size in inches? There are two ways that BuDhaGirl recommends measuring your knuckles for bangle bracelet sizes: with a tape measure or without. Whichever method you use, a fabulous fit for your All Weather Bangles is only a few quick steps away!   

How to Measure Bangle Size With a Tape Measure

The below guide shows you how to measure bangle size with tape.

Before you order your next set of All Weather Bangles, it’s important to make sure that you’re choosing the right size. Using measuring tape to test your bangle size measurement is one of the most accurate ways to make sure your new favorite piece of jewelry will fit properly.

Take your tape measure and wrap it all the way around your knuckles while your hand is relaxed. Make sure the tape measure is only wrapped around the four fingers on top of your hand and not your thumb, as you can always tuck your thumb in while you slide on your bangles.

Note the number that the end of your tape measure reaches when wrapped completely around your knuckles. This number is the circumference of your knuckles in inches. Then, check the bangle size chart above and choose the size that matches your circumference. 


• Download the All Weather Bangles Sizing Guide by clicking on the button below.


• Watch the below video for the next steps:

How to Measure Bangle Size Without a Tape Measure

No tape measure in sight? No problem! You can still easily (and accurately) figure out how to measure for a bangle bracelet without one. 

Above, you’ll find a pink button labeled “Print Size Guide.” When you click this button, it will route you to a new window. On the left side of the Size Guide window, you’ll find pink bars that accurately measure out 7, 7.5, 8, and 8.5 inches. Print this page, and you’ll have your own BuDhaGirl tape measure!

Once the Size Guide page is printed, you can use the pink measurements on the side just as you would a tape measure. You should cut out this part to make it easier to use. Wrap it around your knuckles, and the corresponding number will let you know which size bangle you should purchase.  

Tips When Buying All-Weather Bangles

Now that you understand how to measure bangle size with the bangle size chart, you can easily choose the right size for your future orders. Here are some tips to make the most out of your BuDhaGirl jewelry.

Once you follow the steps and determine the circumference of your knuckles, the number may not exactly match one of the sizes on our bangle size chart. You’re not alone! When this happens, we recommend sizing up rather than sizing down. Our bangles can press inward in order to stretch over a tight fit, but you’ll be much more comfortable with a bangle that’s slightly larger rather than too small.

To make it even easier to slip on your bangles, try covering your hand with a material similar to crepe or silk. This will make your bangle glide smoothly onto your wrist without too much pressure on your knuckles. We recommend this technique for jewelry lovers with sensitive skin.

Ready to find your perfect fit? Shop our collection of All Weather bangles today!


Visit our FAQ page for more information


Send us an image on our Contact Us page with the tape around your hand, and we will let you know your best fit!

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Inspired by Cartesiano Boutique & Wellness Hotel

Cartesiano Boutique and Wellness Hotel in Puebla, Mexico


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What to Pack for Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl


It’s all about authentic ingredients...

Mochomos Puebla Restaurant in Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl


A restaurant based on the creativity and tastes of signature Sonoran cuisine, mixing the best flavors, colors, and textures to offer you an extensive menu.

Mural de Los Poblanos Restaurant in Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl


Sharing with you the best of Puebla cuisine with recipes that are traditional, many of which were handed down by families who have settled in Puebla for several generations.

El Parrillaje Restaurant in Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl


The best barbeque house in Puebla, El Parrillaje is a concept of roasted meats, fish, and seafood of the highest quality.

Sonora Prime Restaurant in Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl


An avant-garde Mexican Steakhouse meant to elevate your senses with a variety of dishes and mixology.


A Journey of Relaxation and Peace


Named for the art and science of Cartesian map making, Cartesiano Spa merges science and nature together. It honors the name Cartesiano, from Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, scientist, and mathematician who coined the phrase, “I think, therefore, I am,”... The spa offers a true mind-body, high-tech, high-touch approach.

Cartesiano Spa at Cartesiano Boutique and Wellness Hotel in Puebla, Mexico | BuDhaGirl

Featured Experience: The Power of Vibration
Facilitates the release of fear, pain, loneliness, and depression; Helps to eliminate negative emotions. Prevents stress states, regulates emotions, and balances the brain hemispheres through deep states of relaxation.


Explore Puebla, Mexico

Explore More Things to Do in Puebla, Mexico.jpg__PID:4959f017-694f-4325-8fa4-8bc5cc01593d

Cinco de Mayo Parade | If you’re in Puebla City in early May, then attending the Cinco de Mayo parade is a no-brainer. Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5 to commemorate the Battle of Puebla. Led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, a vastly outnumbered Mexican army successfully defended the city in 1862 against a larger and better-equipped French army. Cinco de Mayo in Puebla is celebrated with a morning parade along Blvd Heroes del 5 de Mayo and a month-long fair at Zona Historica de los Fuertes.

Catedral de Puebla (Puebla Cathedral) | Located on the south side of the zocalo, opposite city hall, Catedral de Puebla is a massive colonial-era church featuring two towers housing a total of ten bells, the largest weighing in at over 8 tons. The Cathedral is visible from miles away and is easily the focal point of the Historic Center. In some Catholic countries, there’s a belief that entering a new church for the first time entitles you to three wishes. Don’t forget to make them when you visit Puebla Cathedral.

Capilla del Rosario and Templo de Santo Domingo | Also known as “The Golden House”, Capilla del Rosario is covered in 24k gold stucco and features countless details in Talavera and onyx. It also features six large oil paintings by artist José Rodríguez Carnero depicting key moments in the life of the Virgin Mary. To say that the Rosary Chapel is breathtaking would be an understatement.

Callejón de los Sapos | Callejón de los Sapos literally means “alley of the frogs” and refers to Calle 6 Sur, a picturesque two-block alleyway with colorful houses and interesting antique shops. It’s one of the most visually appealing streets in Puebla City and a great place to peruse antiques and take photos for your Instagram feed.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana | If you have a fondness for books and libraries, then you’ll definitely want to visit Biblioteca Palafoxiana. Established in 1646 by the former Bishop of Puebla Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, it’s recognized by UNESCO as the oldest public library in the Americas.

Parque Ecologico and ArboTerra | Located about a 30-35 minute walk east of the city center, it’s a 58-hectare city park with a lagoon, botanical garden, cycling trails, playgrounds, and sporting facilities. It’s also home to one of the best hidden places to visit in Puebla – ArboTerra. ArboTerra is a domed attraction and aviary featuring different species of birds and reptiles. Surrounded by a small lake, at the center of the aviary is this large treehouse with several themed rooms you can explore.

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Super cute!


Love this set and can’t wait to wear them at Christmas time!!


Love it!

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Puebla Stack

Love this stack the color combination is great, plus I think will also be great for Christmas Holidays!