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Moon Exercises

If you haven't noticed, the earth is becoming hotter, and this July promises to be a scorcher almost everywhere. On July's full moon, why not reconnect with our origins in water and celebrate this life-giving substance? Our bodies are about 60% water, so it's no wonder we're naturally drawn to it.

This July, I invite you to treat yourself to two enchanting water rituals. The first is creating Moon Water, and the second is performing a Moon Bath Ritual. Both are especially powerful during a full moon, but you can perform them anytime your spirit calls you.

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For the Moon Water, try to perform this during the full Moon phase when the moon’s energy is at its peak. Find a large, lidded glass container and place it outside where it can soak up the Moon’s beams—your yard, balcony, porch, or even a windowsill that gets moonlight. For an extra magical touch, take it into the forest and find a moonlit spot on the forest floor. Fill the container with spring or distilled water, cover it with plastic film, and let it absorb the Moon's light. By the next day, your Moon Water is ready. Label and refrigerate it. Use this enchanted water to brew tea, add a splash of lemon, cleanse your crystals, or refresh anything that needs a burst of clean energy. Let the water’s memory of the Moon's energy flow through you and your surroundings.

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Immersing yourself in water under the full Moon is a divine way to soak in its heightened energy. While a bathtub is most accessible, don't limit yourself—it could be a pool, a pond, or even the ocean's edge. Here's a guide for a bathtub or shower ritual.

First, create a serene space. Light candles to set the mood, play calming music, and light some incense. Prepare bath salts with coarse salt and essential oils, or use pre-made soaking salts from a store. Sprinkle flower petals or herbs into the water. Surround your tub with crystals—rose quartz, clear quartz, moonstones, and amethyst are perfect for this ritual. Water-friendly crystals can even join you in the bath.

Now, immerse yourself in your liquid sanctuary. Close your eyes and let the warmth of the water envelop you, feeling the full Moon's energy merge with your own. Breathe deeply, taking in the fragrant air. Relax and let your senses be soothed by the water's embrace. When the water cools, step out and express gratitude to every element that was part of your ritual. Always end with thanks, feeling refreshed and renewed by the Moon's magic.

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