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BuDhaScience™ - The Perfect Combo

BuDhaScience™ is a concept that uses modern-day science to validate the effects and benefits of contemplative practice.

Through precise language we can define that science is a systematic method that organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations. And also, through exact language we can say that contemplative practice's definition is that it is a self-contained exercise that cultivates the development of our enlightenment and wellbeing through periods of meditation.

Until recently, science and contemplative practice seemed at odds with each other. Each professing their respective benefits while de-bunking the efficacy of the others. Today this is no longer true. The science that once turned its back on centuries of observation and contemplation is now concretely testing why these ancient contemplative practices work.  Science is now corroborating the principles found in ancient contemplative practices, in other words, science can track, record, test and validate the effects of contemplative practice.

 Science & contemplative practice have now come together to work side by side in BuDhaScience™.

The modern branches of science studying brain health today, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, and psychiatry, have taken a recent quantum leap in the understanding of how the brain works. Dedicated scientists studying the brain have used new imaging techniques to map the brain and to see connections formed by our thoughts and actions. Science has validated that these connections are stronger and more lasting when the brain is healthy and in a state of calm.
Meditation is now being used to maintain, heal, and rewire brains that are aging, or have been damaged both through physical and psychological trauma. Western medicine is slowly welcoming and injecting contemplative practice techniques in hospitals. Medical doctors are treating patients suffering from aggressive life-threatening diseases by complementing the latest treatments with techniques that teach patients how to manage pain, stress, and acceptance of their condition through varied methodologies based in contemplative practice. Sound healing, aromatherapy, massage, focus exercises, deep sleep and relaxation methods, no longer belong at the spa or ashram.
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